Kennedy Assassination - Connally in the Front - Update

In the 4-seater that many people remember in the John F. Kennedy assassination, there was Governor Connally in the front next to the driver and the president and Mrs. Kennedy in the back. Evidence of this is scarce, but I found these two articles stating that Connally was in the front seat. It seems strange and a bit suspicious that the photo in the first article is blackened out, but here you go!

Check the caption right under the wheel in this photo.

If  Connally had been in the middle with a person sitting in front of him, how in the world could someone have supposedly shot him with the bullet passing through him and hitting Kennedy while completely missing the guy in front? The "official story" is now illogical!  Could an expert marksmen even make this shot missing the front passenger in a moving vehicle?

Really, Guys?

Excerpt from Dr Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 03

An advantage of the shaped charge, from the Conspirators' view
point, is that contrary to a gun or shotgun it would not produce
a bullet or buckshot which might be found by someone in the
vicinity and cause undesirable questions to be asked. The only
problem with the shaped charge would be its noise. Such a bang
would tend to attract the attention of others in the car. 
However, the Conspirators knew that Jackie Kennedy would be too
distraught and preoccupied with Jack himself after the blast to
have such details register, and the driver of the car would also
be preoccupied with the urge of business of trying to maneuver
out of the ambush. But that still left Governor John Connally,
riding in the front seat ahead of the President. The sound of
the shaped charge could be expected to attract his attention,
even if it was muffled and partially lost in the confusion of
gunshots from snipers.

8-3-17 More evidence stating that Connally was in the front seat of the car.



  1. The JFK Mandela effect seems to be one of the most convincing examples of the Mandela Effect, because there's concrete proof that there is another version of the event in which four people, instead of six, were sitting in the car. It's also interesting that reconstructions in movies and documentaries always show four people. It's highly unlikely that they all would have gotten that specific detail wrong. It's also interesting that in a comment on the event Dan Rather mentioned that the governor was sitting in the front seat, just as most people remember it. He was speaking briefly after the assassination.

    1. Yes, every pop culture reference, reconstruction, or parody uses 4 people, yet some people will still say that these are all just some types of mistakes, that even the freaking Secret Service couldn't get it right. How absurd! Thanks for reading!


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