Hanging With My Crüe

Although I grew up in the era of hair bands, I was never a big fan of metal music as a teenager, except for a couple of bands. 

Even though I wasn't into metal much, I had friends who were really into it and I sat through enough episodes of MTV's Headbanger's Ball with my cousin to know who all the popular bands were. 

I'm a language nerd and Motley Crüe was one of the bands I noticed just because of the umlaut over the "u" for seemingly no apparent reason. Yes, just over the "u", not over the "o" in "Motley" as it is today.

I saw an interview once with Motley Crüe explaining the umlaut - singular, not plural. I haven't been able to find the video now, of course. Anyway...just the  "u".                                                                                   

                                           Just the "u".