Mr. Sulu - George Ta...

When I saw an article about George Takei today, my mind went straight to something that has been bugging me about him for the last few years. His name. 

I watched Star Trek with my mom as a kid, but I never really knew much about this actor in recent times until a few years ago when my boyfriend showed me some cool things he had posted on his Facebook page. He had some great stuff and I started following his page, then I looked closely at his name like, "I thought his last name was 'Takai', not 'Takei'". 

I usually pay close attention to anything that I read and anything Japanese and I couldn't understand how I could have read his name wrong for all these years. Also "Takai" (高い) means "high" or "expensive" in Japanese, so this name really stuck out. This was pre-Mandela Effect and I had absolutely no explanation for my "mistake".

Every time since then when I saw his name, it just looked "off" to me and today, as soon as I saw the headline, I thought "I bet his name is an ME." A quick search proved me right! I didn't even have to look very hard!

This GIF is borderline offensive, but I'll link it anyway to show how his name was spelled. 

          I knew I wasn't wrong about his name!



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