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Another ME that had me baffled AF years ago before knowing of The Mandela Effect. I looked up The Scream and found that the artist was not Vincent Van Gogh, but Edward Munch. Who??? 

I had been an art fan since Jr. High school and I had never heard of this Munch guy before and that was besides the fact that in my art class, we'd had a whole discussion about Van Gogh, his mental illness, and this painting.

If it wasn't for the comments in this ME video today, I would have still been thinking that I had made a mistake about the artist for many years. The video was about the name of so-called artist Edward Munch/Edvard Munch, but I and many other people remembered The Scream being painted by Van Gogh. Whew! I wasn't mistaken after all. 

My personal memories of this painting is learning about it in 8th grade. In addition to learning that Van Gogh was mentally ill, I was also studying college psychology textbooks because I wanted to understand they way people thought and I wanted to be a psychologist when I grew up. 

For me, the painting looked like it had been painted by a mentally ill person because of the brush strokes and theme of the painting itself. It actually kind of creeped me out.

Fast forward to 2015 or so and me at 30-something looking up my favorite works of art online only to discover that a very well-know painting was painted by someone I had never heard of before. 

Anyway to make a long story short, today after seeing the comments in the video, I know that in some other reality, Van Gogh painted The Scream. Here's Proof:

Why would "Van Gogh Scream" come up in a search if Van Gogh  never created this painting?

If Van Gogh never painted The Scream, why would the suggestions in a search list many variations of "Van Gogh The Scream"? 

People have asked about Van Gogh's The Scream. If he never painted it, why would so many people associate it with him? It's like hordes of people just imagining that Eisenhower was on the U.S. dime at one point. 

Just like Ed McMahon and Publisher's Clearinghouse, it's now just a "misconception" that Van Gogh painted The Scream

Knowing multiple languages is a plus when looking for ME residue. When you search "the scream" in several languages, Van Gogh is listed as the artist.

I don't know much Hebrew, but with the help of Google Translate, I can see that this is listed as a Van Gogh painting. 

It's listed everywhere as a Van Gogh painting, although some sites give me errors when I click on the links. You can still see in the URL, though.


There is plenty of merchandise sold under "Van Gogh's The Scream". I guess they all have the "wrong" artist, unbeknownst to the merchants.


There's more...

In a few years, are they going to say that Da Vinci never painted The Mona Lisa? Let's keep an eye on our favorite paintings in case the artist changes!


  1. I'm an art lover and I've always known The Scream to be a painting by Edvard Munch.

  2. These effects sure do create division between people if they are both right and trying to win an argument.

  3. This was definitely Van Gogh. My sister had an inflatable doll of this screaming man and she brought it to Thanksgiving at my parents house in 1994. I have a photo of me looking at the doll and laughing. She started to really read a lot of art history books at that time, and I was an artist. We got into a whole discussion about Van Gogh. The original timeline also had more detail in the painting than the current version. It was very much a Van Gogh style.

    1. Thank you! Like I said, we had a whole class discussion about this. Definitely a Van Gogh style!


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