Torch In the Left Arm

I just took some of my belongings out of storage and what do you know? I found a picture of NYC that I drew in 2015 after moving across the country. 

I'm not particularly good at drawing in the first place and especially not from memory, so I had to look at pics of the statue in order to get some some idea of how to draw a something that looked at least a little bit accurate.

When I unpacked my art, I stared at the drawing for a minute, reflecting on my life after my move, then ding, ding, ding! I noticed the torch in the left hand of the statue! 

I certainly didn't look at a right-handed Liberty and then draw the torch in the opposite hand! Proof that we have definitely shifted!


  1. If you'd ask me, I'd spontaneously say that she' s holding the torch in her right hand.

  2. I like your artwork, you are talented!


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