Lady Liberty - Left Hand Torch

Today, I was watching a video by UAP on The Statue of Liberty and I was lucky to come across residue of Lady Liberty with her torch in the left hand. 

Two of the pics are just people dressing up, but usually when someone wears a costume, they reference the real thing either in a picture or from memory to duplicate the costume with accuracy. The same goes for toy makers and artists. These people remember the torch in the left hand. 

Another interesting fact is that the statue is derived from an Egyptian women, who held the torch in her LEFT hand.

After the video, I decided to search for more residue and I came across this children's puzzle amongst other things.

Next is to find residue that the statue used to be on Ellis Island instead of Liberty Island!


  1. Personally I remember her holding the torch in her right hand in pictures. I've never been to New York, so I've never seen the statue with my own eyes.

  2. Rather than images like those above, which have no historical value whatever, try instead images such as this one from 1876:, which clearly shows the torch in Lady Liberty's right hand. To confirm that the image has not been inadvertently flopped horizontally, note the writing on signage, which is read-right. Consider that every image you have shown above includes no means by which one can determine whether the photo has been flopped right-to-left, which I submit is actually the case. As for those like the one on the puzzle box, this is irrelevant as it is not a genuine historical image, and incorrect use of images in such a context is common.

    1. It's not at all irrelevant. If you're going to make a puzzle or costume something, you'd want to represent that thing accurately. These photos show that yes, people remember the torch in the left hand. Everything doesn't have to be historical, since "historical" is hard to come by now that everything has changed. Your link means nothing since we are talking about the Mandela Effect. Your link and comment are what's irrelevant.


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